Rosalind Oliver is my PA and has been with me for 2 years.

She can answer many of your questions and is very approachable. I am very happy for you to leave queries with Ros for me to answer.

Telephone 0207 390 8300 (busiest during clinic times)

Office hours  9am - 12pm  and 1pm to 5pm

If its busy send an email and we can get back to you soon

You can email Rosalind at

Copies of the letters I write to physicians are sent to parents routinely. Please feel free to contact Rosalind if you have queries. I will deal with queries as soon as possible though I work part-time at the Portland Hospital and part-time at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOS).

NHS queries should be addressed to my secretary at GOS on 0207 405 9200 x 8220