Self pay

Accounts are payable on the day. Payment can be by cash, cheque or credit card (not Amex).

Insured Patients


If you bring your insurance details and pre-authorisation reference you do not need to pay on the day.

You remain responsible for your consultation fees if they remain unpaid after a reasonable time.

Current consultation fees: New patient £250 Existing patient £150 (within 12 months of initial consultation)

Embassy Patients

You will need a letter of guarantee


Insured patients should check arrangements with their insurance company. Surgical fees are within guidelines but there may be an excess payable for the hospital charges depending on the level of cover held. Patients will be given an invoice for surgical fees and a separate invoice for anaesthetic fees. Prompt submission of a completed insurance form will ensure that these are paid by the insurance company rather than the patient. The patient remains liable however in the event of delay or dispute with the insurance company.

Embassy patients need a letter of guarantee from their Embassy either as outpatients or inpatients