Post grommet questions

Most of the details of the day case procedure are covered under the section on grommets

Pain is usually mild and came be overcome with simple home analgesia such as paracetamol or ibuprufen. I usually avoid using a speculum if possible as this reduces pain. If a lot of impacted wax needs to be removed this can be sore. If tonsillectomy is performed at the same time, the pain in the ear can come from the tonsils.

Bleeding can occur if the eardrum is inflamed or the insertion was particularly difficult. The amount is small but is important as it can block the grommet. Massage some extra ear drops into the ear to keep the grommet clear.

Discharge usually occurs if the ear was infected at surgery but can also develop if infection comes up the eustachian tube or through the grommet at bathtime. Usually it is best to wait a week before swimming after grommet insertion. Discharge that persists after 3 days should be treated initially with antibiotic ear drops.(Ciloxan eye drops are safe and effective). If it still persists a swab should be taken and an oral antibiotic prescribed. Pseudomonas is a common bacteria in this situation and if Ciloxan is not working Ciprofloxacin orally will usually work. Augmentin will treat most Haemophilus.

Back to school next day.

Swimming can be permitted after grommets. I let children swim without ear plugs and use Ciloxan drops if a discharge develops.