Adenoidectomy - Post Operative Queries

Most of the details of the procedure are covered under Operations/Adenoidectomy/details of surgery.

Pain is usually minimal unless combined with tonsillectomy. Dr. Adrian Lloyd-Thomas prescribes paracetamol, and ibuprufen.

Bleeding is controlled at the time of surgery. In an analysis of my last 1500 patients there were no cases of bleeding after adenoidectomy.

Temperature There is often a temperature after the surgery. Antibiotics are given as a routine, as are painkillers such as paracetamol and ibubrufen, all of which help to keep the temperature down.

Most children prefer to to return to school on the Monday following surgery but in some cases the child may be ready as early as the Friday or even the Thursday. If possible, try to keep your child away from other children with colds.

Speech can be more open and nasal after adenoidectomy as the palate has a larger gap to close for most speech sounds. This usually settles quite quickly but if prolonged an expert assessment by Debbie Sell may be advised.

Allergy in the nose. In some children who only start to breathe through their nose properly after their adenoidectomy this may be first time that allergens can affect the nasal lining. Bizarrely this can occasionally herald the onset of allergic rhinitis.