Patient Information

This patient information is useful before consultations and if thinking about surgery

Common conditions.

I have included information about common operations including the alternatives to surgery, the indications and some of the technical details


For post operative queries please look at theses pages as many of your questions can be answered here. If you wish you can call the office and talk to Bernie who has access to the same information. The ward staff can often answer simple queries. Out of hours you can call the on call duty sister who will contact me or a colleague if I am away.

Postoperative queries

Specialist Conditions


Laryngomalacia is the commonest cause of stridor in children. Parts of the voicebox collapse on breathing in causing a noise and difficulty breathing

Tracheomalacia is rarer and is collapse of the windpipe (trachea)

Subglottic stenosis

Subglottic Haemangioma

Neck lumps


Branchial Cysts,

Thyroglossal Cysts,

Lymph Nodes,

Branchial sinus and Pre auricular sinus

Nasal Conditions

Choanal Atresia

Nasal Glioma

Nasal Dermoid

Ear Conditions



Tympanic Perforations