This is an operation to mend a hole in the eardrum

There are a number of different operations from minor to intermediate.  Smaller simpler operations tend to be chosen for smaller simpler perforations and in younger children. More complex operations are employed for more complex and larger perforations

  • Patch or plug myringoplasty
    • This involves using various materials to patch (cover) or plug (fill) the hole.
    • It is suitable for small holes such as after a grommet comes out
  • Butterfly cartilage myringoplasty
    • A disc of cartilage 3-4mm in ? is taken from the tragus (the small flap in front of the ear canal)
    • It is grooved so it fits snugly into the hole
    • It is more secure than the plug or patch but can remain a little inflammed for a while until it settles
  • Endoscopic Myringoplasty
    • Often uncomplicated perforations can be mended using endoscopes down the ear canal
    • Ear cartilage can be used for the repair or synthetic graft materials
  • Postaural Myringoplasty
    • Conventional surgery involves opening the ear from behind which gives the best access for complex ears.

The risks include failure of the graft and reperforation as well as hearing loss, infection or bleeding.

Other rare risks include a change in taste, dizziness or tinnitus.