Nose Bleeds

Short lived nose bleeds can occur in many children for a time but if they are persistent and heavy then it worth having this looked at.  Often there is a prominent vein just inside the nose which bleeds and then leaves a scab when it stops.  This is itchy and any interference causes the vein to bleed again. In some children the bleeds can happen during the hayfever season.  Blood tests can exclude a bleeding disorder

Nasal Cautery

This is undertaken in the office with local anaesthesia and is generally well tolerated. Either a spray or a ball of cotton wool soaked in local aneasthic is placed in the nose. There is also a component that shrinks the lining and makes the vein more prominent. A small matchstick of silver nitrate is touched on the area under endoscopic guidance for precise application. Naseptin cream is prescribed for a few days after and it is best to avoid strenuous exercise.

It is a little sore for a day or so but not sufficient to stop schooling. A few nose bleeds may occur after cauterisation. 

The correct method to stop bleeding is to pinch the END of the nose as the vessels are just inside the nose.


Some may need repeat cautery on a few occasions.  In these cases I may check the patients clotting but this is seldom abnormal unless there is a family history

Video of young man describing his nasal cautery