Hearing Loss

Neonatal screening Ideally all children should be screened at birth for congenital hearing loss and not just those thought to be "at risk"

Further hearing tests should be arranged before entry to school and if the parents or carers have concerns as the hearing may change.

The common causes of deafness are glue ear or "nerve" deafness.

Glue ear is due to a build up of fluid, is often temporary but can be treated relatively easily.

"Nerve" deafness (sensorineural deafness) is usually due to damage to the hair cells of the cochlear. It can be congenital (from birth) or acquired ( as happens after meningitis). At present it is not possible to mend the damaged nerves and many such children will use hearing aids. In a small proportion with severe deafness an alternative approach of cochlear implantation may be appropriate.

Nerve deafness is usually managed by paediatric audiologists such as: Dr. Tony Sirimanna and Dr Mohammed Hariri