"Package Price"

Approximate Costs of Surgical Treatment including anaesthetic fees and hospital fees.  You may need to add an initial consultation and a follow up appointment

This assumes that your child is otherwise fit and healthy and has no other complicating medical problems.  Children with severe sleep apnoea for example, may need to stay in hospital which increases the hospital fees

Grommet insertion              £137 surgeon.  £198 Anaesthetist £2041 hospital fees Total £2376

Adenoidectomy                   £117 surgeon   £165 Anaesthetist £2088 hospital fees Total £2370

Tonsillectomy                     £335 surgeon  £220 Anaesthetist £2087 hospital fees Total £ 2642

Adenotonsillectomy            £385 surgeon  £242 Anaesthetist  £2872 hospital fees Total  £3499

Tonsil/Adenoid/Grommet    £450 surgeon £341 Anaesthetist  £ 3928 hospital fees  Total  £4719