A Guide to Paying for your childs treatment yourself

The situation usually starts with parents or teachers being concerned about ENT symptoms. 

These symptoms may mean there is a problem with fluid behind the ear (glue ear), enlarged or infected tonsils or adenoids or may be a normal part of childhood or a different problem.

Initially it is worth having a consultation to discuss the problem

After this we may suggest a period of medical treatment

If needed we offer surgical treatment

ENT Symptoms

  • Hearing loss,
    • Missing what has been said
    • Saying "I cant hear"
    • Asking parents to repeat things
    • Turning up the TV
    • Not hearing parents approach
  • Speech
    • Speech delay
    • Speech difficulties
    • Indistinct speech
    • Poor articulation
  • Ear infections
    • Pain
    • Temperature
    • Discharge from the ear
    • Pulling at the ears
    • Disturbed sleep/crying at night
  • Breathing Difficulties
    • Noisy breathing day or night
    • Poor restless sleep with pauses or gaps
    • Waking at night
    • Tired during the day
    • Poor growth
  • Throat infections
    • Complaining of a "sore throat"
    • Off food
    • Temperatures
    • Smelly breath
    • White areas on the tonsils
  • Nose Bleeds