So, we did it!


3 paediatric ENT surgeons – completed a 600 mile ride from Glasgow to London, intentionally not avoiding the hills, to raise money for Lifebox Foundation.

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Message from Atul Gawandwe

"Dear Mr. Albert,

I just wanted to drop you a note of awe and thanks for the ride that you led from Glasgow to London for Lifebox. That you organized and attempted such a thing is remarkable. That you managed to also raise fifteen thousand pounds along the way is extraordinary. We’ve been able to transform the safety of surgical care in an entire country with that sum. So thank you from all of us at Lifebox.




Lifebox is a global health charity working to make surgery safer in low-resource setting countries.

We know how access to safe surgery changes lives for our patients, their families and their communities.  But lack of resources and training means that in some countries, essential operations take place in the most dangerous conditions.   A life-saving operation becomes a life-threatening one. 

Lifebox distributes pulse oximeters – essential oxygen monitors – and training to hospitals where surgery is taking place without these crucial checks.  At the moment, risk of death from anaesthesia is as high as 1:133 in some Sub Saharan countries.  The equipment and education this ride supports will save lives. 

Our goal is to put a pulse oximeter into every operating theatre in Malawi, and raise the level of safe surgical care for an entire country!  But we can’t do it without your help, so please do consider sponsoring and let us know if you have any questions.

You can sponsor us here:


Dave Albert

p.s.  feel free to forward to anyone else who might wish to donate

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