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Remote consultations

The remote consultations that we have arranged so far have been very productive

The key is to prepare with as much information as possible to inform the discussion

  • List Main Concerns
  • Image tonsils with a smartphone
  • Image ears with a USB endoscope
  • Record sleep on a smartphone and ? SoreLab app
  • Agree with insurance company

Details of Otoscope Below....



USB Otoscope

There are a variety of USB endoscopes online (Amazon etc)

This one is one I have tested which gives a good quality image and is easy to connect

Video showing how to use the USB otoscope


If you follow instructions on a Mac and use Photoshop the image is mirrored

Instead use Quick time viewer (New video recording and select supereyes)

Check which way is up.  ? Mark on otoscope for orientation

Can take short video to upload

These pictures of the ear were taken by parents with the otoscope

How to book a remote ENT appointment

  • Send an email to Rosalind my PA:
  • Consider buying an ear otoscope from Amazon
  • Practice imaging your childs throat with a smartphone and get some images stored
  • Record breathing pattern at night and upload to
  • Write down your main concerns to make the consult discussion logical