Welcome to David Albert's World

My aim is to provide a world class children's ENT service to children and parents in London and beyond

I feel it is vital that consultations take place in an appropriate environment with the child at ease and with parents free to concentrate on decisions.

I offer a conservative approach avoiding surgery if possible. If ENT surgery is necessary I work very closely with an expert paediatric anaesthetist. Please visit these web pages on paediatric ENT problems and their medical and surgical treatment.

Mr Albert operates within BUPA ASSURED GUIDELINES


Organising an Appointment?

Mr Albert has patients covered by all the major insurance companies and keeps his fees within their assured guidelines. 

Remote ENT Consultations

We are now offering telephone consultations which many have found helpful.  These will be at set times (as a normal consultation) and will use zoom conferencing software which is free and downloadable.  My secretary will send an invitation with details.

During the consultation we can discuss current concerns, the likely causes and solutions.

For throat problems many parents are already using their phones to record a view of the tonsils or a video of sleep disturbance

For ear problems I am trialling a USB otoscope for you to get from Amazon and use yourself (with practice)

The insurance companies need pre-authorisation and the codes are

  • 20370 for new patients (under 30 minutes)
  • 20350 for existing patients (under 15 minutes)

If you are paying yourself it is between £150-£250 depending on the complexity and the time needed.  Sending previous reports and information helps to reduce time and costs

Grommet Follow up

Some insurance companies such as BUPA will not pay for grommet follow up if this is a routine check up and/or audiogram.  It is important medically and is in line with NHS practice.  You may therefore have to pay for these visits. If there is a new problem or concern patients should be covered although a further GP letter may be needed. 

Office and Contact Information

Office hours

9 am - 5 pm

Call 0207 390 8300

Send an email

Parking is limited. Check here




Have a Zoom Chat with Dave Albert about your childs ENT problems

If you do not want to travel for a face to face visit or can't get an appointment locally, feel free to arrange a  remote consultation. here

Details in the left column

A Guide to paying for your childs treatment yourself

We have had a lot of calls from parents worried about the increasing NHS waiting times.  This guide is there to explain how we are doing everything we can to support parents and to have absolute transparency about the costs and likely outcomes.


Emergency Appointments -Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday

There are lot of patients with ear infections and glue ear as well as those with recurrent tonsillitis and sleep apnoea.  These have reappeared now schools and nurseries are open.  Please arrange a remote or F2F consult to discuss this. Sometimes we try a long course of low dose antibiotics.


David Albert is the Senior ENT Surgeon at Great Ormond Street Hospital, London with over 30 years of experience in Paediatric ENT. As the first full time UK paediatric ENT surgeon he        more.....



We recently welcomed our 15,000th patient with a fanfare, a toy and a smile. 

Honorary Fellowship of College of Surgeons of Hong Kong

Just before Covid hit everyone's international travel, I was honoured to help run a course and to receive an honorary Fellowship

Glasgow  to London for Lifebox

660 miles cycling to provide vital pulse oximeters for Malawi.  My daughter who is now training to be a paediatric surgeon went to Malawi to help train the anaesthetic officers in how to use them

South African ENT Society

Mr Albert was delighted to be awarded Honorary membership of the South African ENT Society after a recent lecture tour on decision making, endoscopic surgery and laryngoscopy.

Vanessa, my daughter running for Lifebox

Vanessa, who worked in Malawi is traing to be a paediatric surgeon in London and  ran to support Lifebox who send pulse oximeters to Africa   Thank you to everyone who supported her.  She is now training for the London Marathon

Health Hero Award

David Albert was honoured to meet the then Prime Minister in 10 Downing Street

President RSM Laryngology Section

David Albert championed the needs of paediatric ENT during his Presidency  He led a lecture tour with his friend and colleague Seth Pransky as 2017 JLO Visiting Professor

Surgery in Uganda

Mr Albert operating on a challenging case in Uganda

Operating in Malawi

Recently I joined my daughter to operate in Malawi.  There is only one ENT surgeon in the country!